About us

With more than 25 years experience in the accommodation sector, we were dismayed that we could not find a network dedicated to the accommodation industry. We looked for a network where we could join and share tips, ideas and advice with fellow members. Sadly, we could not find one and decided to build our own! We launched this site in January 2011 and what started off as a bit of fun, grew very quickly as lots of members jumped onboard. We are now a major force serving the worldwide accommodation industry. 

"Our mission is to connect the World's Accommodation Industry. We believe that a globally connected social network of Accommodation Providers, Seekers and Suppliers will result in us all becoming more profitable, productive and successful. Our success will be achieved due to faster access to information and sharing resources we all trust." Roomz.co Accommodation Social Network

Welcome to Roomz.co - The Internet's first, largest and exclusive accommodation social network dedicated purely to the Worldwide Accommodation Industry. However, our members gain access to our Gold Room where we publish lots of information to help businesses succeed in the hospitality industry. If you're in the hospitality business or can offer a service beneficial to our members, you really need to join us. 

"Already, thousands of businesses have joined us and benefit with our service."

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