Feedback from Members

We receive great feedback from our members. Here's a few........

"Has there ever been such a valuable site on the internet with such an insight into the complex running of accommodations - free information, marketing advice and most importantly a social area. The answer is NO"

Alan F - Almara Bed and Breakfast (Dublin, Ireland)

"We joined, brilliant idea, really professionally handled and we can't praise it enough. Top stuff"

Clive D - Cornish Collection (Looe, England)

"Glad I found you guys. You have been a life saver to my business. I only have a small Inn but it's full most nights now. 6 months ago, I was going to chuck it all in. Glad I didn't now"

Sammy W (Dallas, USA)

"Fantastic - Excellent social network plus I get lots of ideas and tips on running my hotel. I've made lots of new friends plus found a new supplier already - Thanks Roomz"

Brad T (Brisbane, Australia)

"Great site, Great service, Great information. Many things I've learned are so simple and effective. "

Lisa G (Liverpool, UK)

"What a great site. We learn things everytime we log on..." 

Eddie & Sue Cook - Crompton House (Windermere, UK)

"I had my first booking from New Zealand thanks to Roomz - Thank You..." 

A.Pascal Chez Nous (Paris, France)

"Great site and very addictive. Thousands of hotels and suppliers to interact with. We have not been members long but our business is starting to benefit already…"

Glenn W -  Director - Hotel Guest Supplies 

"I find your Gold Room amazing. It's very useful. The files on Travel Blogs plus Accommodation websites are fantastic. You guys should charge a lot more for this. The Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest books have taught me a great deal also. Thank you Roomz and keep them coming......"  

Mrs N.J (London, UK)

"Brill site, very addictive, lots and lots of info, thank you ..." 

Alex T (Tampa, USA)

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